Migraine Headache Relief in Newark NJ

Migraine Headache Relief near Newark NJ

Are you looking for Migraine Headache Relief near Newark, NJ? At Holistic Pain Relief and Weight Loss Center near Newark NJ, we know that headaches can hinder your normal lifestyle or possibly debilitate you. If you have a headache, you’re not alone. Nine out of ten Americans suffer from headaches.

Types of Headaches

Chronic daily headaches are classified by how long they last — more than four hours or less than four hours. The longer lasting headaches are more common and addressed here. Primarily, there are four types of headaches:
  • Tension headaches
  • Migraine headaches
  • Cluster headaches
  • Cranial or temporal arteritis
The two most common types of headaches we see are tension and migraine headaches.

Tension headaches occur five times more frequently in men than in women. Tension headaches usually start between 20 to 40 years old when stress levels from work and home increase.

Treatment of Headaches

Do you find yourself frequently taking over-the-counter medications such as Excedrin, Advil, Nuprin, Aleve or Tylenol?

“These types of drugs only serve to dull and hide the pain,” Dr. Wolf says, “they don’t treat the cause, or source of pain, which is why the headache returns.” With these common over-the-counter medications treating only the “symptoms”, headache sufferers feel compelled to take more and more pain relievers, subjecting them to the many harmful side effects these medications can cause.

Treatment of Headaches

Here's what we do:
  • Perform chiropractic adjustments to improve spinal function and alleviate the stress on your system.
  • Provide nutritional advice, recommending a change in diet and perhaps the addition of B complex vitamins.
  • Recommend massage therapy to reduce your stress, relieve sore muscles, improve circulation and immune system function.
  • Offer advice on posture, ergonomics (work postures), therapeutic exercises and relaxation techniques. This advice should help to relieve the recurring joint irritation and tension in the muscles of the neck and upper back.
When you are treated at our office for your migraine headaches, you don’t have to worry about negative side effects…only positive results! 

We use state-of-the-art technology combined with a physical exam to find the source of your headaches. Then, we can recommend a course of treatment combining the finest in kinesiology, physiotherapy, and therapeutic exercises to reduce your pain and restore your health. If you are near Newark, NJ, Holistic Pain Relief and Weight Loss Center is just a phone call away - click on Contact Us or call 973-761-5060 to schedule an appointment today!
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