Are you fed up 
with taking medications 
and getting injections
to relieve your pain?

Are you sick of going 
from doctor to doctor
and getting no real answers?

Are you ready to hear about
something different?

Let's sit down and just talk.
Have you tried every diet 
in what seems like forever
and nothing has worked?

Have you tried different types
of workout programs
and felt like you
wasted money again?

Are you ready to hear about
something different?

Let's sit down and just talk.

Holistic Pain Relief and Weight Loss Center

Would you like to sit down with me and discuss what your health or weight loss concerns are?  As part of our conversation, we'll talk about how we can potentially get you out of pain without medication, improve your health and your quality of life. 

Our chat will be VERY low-key.  No cost, no obligation - just discussion. Leave your purse or wallet home.  And by the way, it's also OK to bring someone else with you. 

I'll show you my office so you can see the treatment options available to you and explain how we may be able to help you.  You'll also meet our caring and supportive staff.   If you like what you hear and want to talk about treatment, we'll discuss that option as well.  
- Dr. Richard Wolf

Our Community

We believe very strongly in giving back to our local communities.  Please watch the video of Dr. Wolf speaking about the amazing things being done at Camden St. School in Newark, NJ and the presentation of a check to Angela Scott, Vice-Principal, to support their efforts in the community and for their students.
Dr. Wolf and Angela Scott, Vice-Principal, Camden St. School in Newark, NJ
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