Condition treated: Menstrual cramps relief

“Hello, my name is Brunilda Borges. I've been with Dr. Wolf for, ooh my goodness, maybe about 5 years I wanna say. But fantastic practice, fantastic doctor. I come in with all different kinds of ailments. The most recent one was very bad menstrual cramps and he gave me an adjustment and it was fantastic. It really helped with the cramps and I didn't have any problems. It's just a fantastic experience. I recommend Dr. Wolf to everyone.”
                                                                                       - Brunilda B.
Condition treated: Migraines

“Hi, my name is Pia. I am a social worker in NJ. I first met Dr. Wolf about 6 years ago at a school fair that he attended at my older sons school. He was giving out free chair massages so I did it. Prior to that, I was complaining of neck pains and migraines, severe migraines where I actually couldn't get out of bed some days. So I started to come to Dr. Wolf. He did an evaluation and soon after I didn't have migraines any more. My neck pain, my back pain was so much better. He has improved my quality of life like no other. And I'm gonna stop now because I'm gonna cry. But, yes, I will tell everyone to come to Dr. Wolf.”
                                                                                       - Pia M.
Condition treated: Numbness

“Hi, I'm Maria and I've been coming to Dr. Wolf for 5 visits now. I came in with numbness in my hands, pain in my leg and I have to say it's unbelievable. I don't have the numbness in my hands anymore, my leg is feeling much better. Dr. Wolf and his team are unbelievable. I do recommend this to anyone that is suffering and keeps putting it off, don't put it off. Come in. You will feel so much better when you do it. Thank you.”
                                                                                       - Maria C.
Condition treated: Back and neck pain

“Hi, my name is Jenise Grice-Reedus. I am a professional violinist as well as a United States postal worker. I started coming here to Dr. Wolf's office because I was having horrible pain in my neck and shoulder area due to performing on a violin as well as a lot of manual lifting I do at my day job at the post office. I would have to say that over the last 5 years, Dr. Wolf has been extremely instrumental, pun fully intended, for relieving me of all the stress and pain I've had on my shoulder and neck area. As a matter of fact, I performed every night last week as well as working my day job at the post office, and the wonderful treatments I've gotten from Dr. Wolf helped me tremendously to get through that week without causing further strain so thank you Dr. Wolf!”
                                                                                       - Jenise G.
Condition treated: Lower back pain

“Hello, my name is Kevin. I'm a patient of Dr. Wolf's and I've been a patient for several years now. But most recently, this past fall Dr. Wolf has helped me with a specific problem in my low back. Two herniated discs, one that had actually been torn. Through consistent treatment with Dr. Wolf, supplementation and exercise on my own, I'm almost back to 100% of my full healthy lifestyle and active lifestyle that I used to lead. And most importantly, this coming August I will be working again as a U.S. Open ball person. Thanks again Dr. Wolf!”
                                                                                       - Kevin K.
Condition treated: Headaches

“Hi this is Alex. I’ve had severe headaches for years. This is my first visit today, walked in with a really bad headache and I’m fine. I can move my neck. The pain is gone. It’s a miracle. Thank you Dr. Wolf. I couldn’t move my neck before the treatment and now I can move. I’m ecstatic!”
                                                                                       - Alexandra D.
Condition treated: Menstrual cramps and back pain

“Hi my name is Michelle. I started coming to Dr. Wolf in October of 2016. I came in with some left shoulder and back pain. I was pretty persistent and after coming in to see him the past couple of months, my pain is gone. I also had some menstrual cramps, that’s also been alleviated. Lower back pain I don’t have anymore. I just want to thank Dr. Wolf, Chris and Odette, they did an amazing job. And I’ll be a patient forever. Thanks.”
                                                                                       - Michelle L.
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