Body Sculpting

Body Sculpting

July 3, 2017          By Dr. Richard Wolf

Learn about losing fat easily and safely!

Are you finally serious about losing weight and looking great again for the coming warm weather and summer? Have you tried fat loss programs that just have not worked?

Losing “stubborn fat” is hard and as you get older - it just gets more difficult.

You might go to the gym five days a week, sweat on the treadmill for an hour, and see maybe a pound or two drop in a month. Is that really worth your time? Or... imagine laying down for 32 minutes under a relaxing red light, then 10 minutes on a Whole Body 
Vibration machine, and finding out you’ve lost two or more inches of fat around your waist and on your belly.

What if you could keep doing that and losing more and more fat until you looked like you did years ago?

If you have any interest in this you should stop what you’re doing and call the office for a consultation appointment immediately. This new treatment device is now cleared by the FDA as the only non-invasive treatment in the U.S.A. for immediate fat removal without dieting, exercise, or medication.
This device uses a special totally safe, no pain light therapy to cause the pores in your fat cells to open, and allow the fat to come out.

Here’s a heads up: If you have tried liposuction in the past - you may know that if you regain the weight it goes to different places - making your body look distorted and then unfortunately, you’re back to where you started, only worse.

With the UltraSlim System, we don’t destroy your fat cells. What we do is simply drain the contents of the fat cells so you lose the inches and look good again.
  • No Pain
  • No Surgery
  • No Downtime
  • No Dieting
  • No Exercise Required
Lose 2” or more of FAT on Your First Visit or You Don’t Pay!*

FDA Clinical trials showed average patients lost 3.5 inches in one 42 minute treatment with the UltraSlim Professional System.

*Guarantee offered to first treatment, new patients, on our full Waistbuster procedure only. If you don’t lose 2” or more of fat in combined measurements, your treatment is FREE.

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