Knee Pain

Knee Pain

Would you like to finally be free of knee pain?

If your answer was YES, keep reading...

There are a lot of people that suffer from knee pain and all they think they can do is take medication or have surgery.  What if there were unique technologies that could help you get rid of your activity-limiting pain without any drugs or surgery?

What causes knee pain?
  • Repetitive stress on the knee joints
  • Arthritis (wear & tear)
  • A previous knee surgery gone bad or reinjured
  • A misaligned knee joint
  • Imbalance of attaching knee muscles
Whatever caused your knee issue, you probably just want to get out of pain.  You may not want to go through surgery, or use drugs that don't cure your pain.

If you are experiencing any kind of knee pain, take a moment to listen to a testimonial from one of our patients, Kristen.  She's a teacher, and is on her feet all day.  She's had knee pain since she was 11.  Surgery was advised, but she looked for another answer.  
Let's hear directly from her:

"I'm 34, and have had pain in both knees since I was 11.  Dr. Wolf explained that we needed to improve my spinal alignment, muscle balance and nerve flow to help take pressure off my knees.  Then, he would add Acoustic Pulse Wave and laser therapy directly to my knees to help them heal naturally.  He reiterated that there were no medications or injections used in his holistic office."
If you are experiencing any kind of knee pain and it's affecting your ability to enjoy your life, call our office today to make an appointment for a no-obligation "talk" (consultation fee of $27).  We've helped so many patients with so many different types of knee problems both get out of pain and get their lives back!
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