Ultra Slim Anti-Aging Facials

Ultra Slim Anti-Aging Facials

You don’t have to undergo painful, expensive plastic surgery, chemical face peels, or spend hours applying make-up to try and cover up your wrinkles and blemishes. There is a natural, safe, fast, pain-free alternative.

We really do have the technology and expertise to make your skin look dramatically younger and healthier in less than a week. Thanks to an incredible discovery by NASA scientists, this amazing technology causes your skin cells to naturally produce incredible amounts of collagen and elastin in a very short period of time. This means that your skin actually becomes smoother, firmer, healthier, and fine lines, wrinkles, and blemishes disappear like magic!

This technology originally was discovered by NASA when they were trying to help plants grow better in outer space. They found that by using a very powerfully and rapidly pulsed specific part of the red light spectrum that the plants grew much faster and healthier. When they applied this technology to humans, they found that it caused tissue to heal and regenerate at an extremely accelerated rate. It also stimulated the immune system. This technology has been used for years at state of the art burn centers and was unavailable until these past few years to the general public in an effective and affordable fashion.

Members of our staff (Solange and Zora) have been certified as technicians by the manufacturers for the Ultra Slim equipment.
Don’t be fooled by rip-off Red Light technologies that some spas and cosmetologist have recently started advertising. The red light that most of these places uses is so weak that it takes at least 12 treatments over many months before you will notice any results. Our treatment is also not the intense light therapy that painfully burns and damages your skin. You will see and feel results after only 2 treatments in less than a week.

Call us right now to say good-bye to your old skin, and say hello to your new healthy, young skin. It's natural, safe, affordable, requires no down time or recovery time, contains no UV radiation, pain free, quick, and effective. There is nothing else that even comes close!
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